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Dates: May 1 to October 31, 2015.
Schedule: Open every day 10:00 – 23:00 h.
Place: Via Rovello, 2 – 20121 Milano, Italy – Rho Fiera EXPO Milano
Ticket Price:
1. All day: 39 €
2. Night: 5 €


What is Expo Milano?
Expo Milano 2015 is the Universal Exhibition in Milan. This city will become the global capital where more than 140 countries will show their best technology as a way to have new solutions to the needs of being able to guarantee health, safe and a quality alimentation for everybody around our planet. Also this technology must be respectful with our environment.
It’s a place to foment the cultural and ideas exchange to find better solutions in the food’s theme. So each country can provide with their own creativity and innovation to know other cultures and gastronomic traditions that could be a good options for a better future.

What can you find in Expo Milano?
One of the keys that makes Expo Milano work are the clusters. With the clusters, people have
the chance to join together in an unique place all the mix of cultures and gastronomies to
show and learn, dialogue and share with people around the world.

This Thematic Areas have a very particular design that adults and also children will like and admire. They are on the walk through from the main entrance to other exhibitions that you will find in Expo Milano 2015.

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Expo Milano

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Dates: Monday to Saturday.
Schedule: From 08:00 h to 18:30 h.
Place: Via Giuseppe Antonio Sassi, 3. 20123, Milano.
Ticket Price: 6,50 € ( Advance booking fee +1,5€).


What is Cenacolo Vinciano?
After more than twenty years of work, in 1999 the paint of Leonardo da Vinci was repaired and ready to show to the public.
His original author, Leonardo da Vinci painted it in a range of years from 1494 to 1497 in the refectory of the Convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie. The paint represents the last supper of Jesus with his apostles.

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*The visits last 15 minutes.
*Maximum 30 visitors each tour.
*Must collect the tickets from 20 minutes before your visit.

Cenacolo Vinciano

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What Teatro alla Scala is?
Teatro alla Scala is one of the most famous Theaters of Opera. It has a long story behind him. The theatre was destroyed by fire on 1776. Some years later it was build again where the church of Santa Maria alla Scala was placed, so the name of the Theatre is in honor of this church.
What can you see in Teatro alla Scala?
“Prima delle Prime” is La Scala’s cycle of public talks. Offered as a means of introducing and preparing audiences for playbill performances, talks are held several days before the first performance of ballets or operas in the Arturo Toscanini foyer, and feature discussions with field experts about the works in question, providing a great opportunity to find out more about lesser-known works and examine the most famous in greater detail.

Dates: September 14th
Schedule: 18:00 h.
Place: Via Filodrammatici 2. 20121 Milano
Ticket Price: No need for a ticket*
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*You don’t need for a ticket; only have to be there before the show starts. (We recommend arriving at the theater very earlier because it will close when they reach the maximum of people allowed).


2. FILARMONICA DELLA SCALA will perform the following programme:
a. Ludwig van Beethoven: Symphony N. 6 in F major. Op. 68 “Pastoral”.
b. Béla Bartók: Bluebeard’s castle.
Dates: From September 15th to 18th .
Schedule: 20:00 h.
Place: Via Filodrammatici 2. 20121 Milano
Ticket Price: Unknown until July 17th
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GAETANO DONIZETTI, Orchestra and Chorus of Teatro alla Scala. Listened to attentively, it is a droll opera; full of cheer and humour, but from the heart.
Dates: From September 21th to October 17th
Schedule: 20:00 h.
Place: Via Filodrammatici 2. 20121 Milano
Ticket Price: From 102,00€.
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