Dear Colleagues,
Dear Friends,

We are very happy to inform you that during the next SECEC congress  in Milano we will organise a new session every morning  at the same time as the instructional courses: the JSES session.

The idea of this session is to present a successful  paper published in the Journal of Shoulder & Elbow Surgery by one of its authors and analyzed according to EbM (evidence based medicine) guidelines by a moderator well known as specialist in the same topic.

The aim is to have a very interactive session, focused on a specific topic and co-chaired by famous surgeons in order to establish the state of the art about this subject.

The 3 sessions will be :

Thursday 17. September – 7.30
Effect of anatomic bone grafting in post-traumatic recurrent anterior shoulder instability on glenoid morphology
Clinical and computed tomography-radiologic outcome after bony glenoid augmentation in recurrent anterior shoulder instability without significant bone loss
Author : Prof Herbert RESCH – Moderator : Dr Gilles WALCH


Friday 18. September – 7.30
Locking plate fixation of fractures of the proximal humerus : analysis of complications, revision strategies and outcome
Author : Prof Bernhard JOST – Moderator : Prof Ulrich BRUNNER


Saturday 19. September – 7.30
Propionibacterium acnes : an underestimated etiology in the pathogenesis of osteoarthritis
Author: Prof Ofer LEVY – Moderator  Prof Alberto SCHNEEBERGER


We strongly hope that you will appreciate this new session and look forward to seeing you in Milano !
With my very best regards,


Laurent LAFOSSE 
Chairman of the Education Committee